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Innovative Civil Engineering Solutions

 At Novastruct Consulting Engineers, we are proud to offer a comprehensive range of specialised services in the field of civil engineering.

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Structural Concrete Design

Our team of experienced engineers excels in designing robust and efficient reinforced concrete structures. We utilise advanced techniques and software to ensure the structural integrity and durability of your concrete elements.
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Structural Steel Design

From steel-framed buildings to complex steel structures, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that optimise strength, efficiency, and safety. Our expertise in structural steel design guarantees the successful realisation of your steel projects.
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Civil Engineering Design

We provide complete design solutions for various civil engineering projects. Our comprehensive approach covers site grading, drainage systems, utility networks, and transportation infrastructure, ensuring sustainable and functional designs.
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Engineering Drawings

Our skilled draftsmen and designers create accurate and detailed engineering drawings that effectively communicate design intent. From plans and elevations to sections and details, our drawings facilitate seamless communication between stakeholders.
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Due Diligence Studies

Before embarking on any project, it is essential to assess its feasibility, potential risks, and benefits. Our due diligence studies provide you with valuable insights and informed decision-making, helping you achieve project success.

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Failure Investigation

When faced with structural failures or issues, our expert team conducts thorough investigations to determine the root causes. We analyse data, perform on-site inspections, and deliver comprehensive reports with recommendations for remediation and prevention.
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Site Supervision / Engineering

Our dedicated professionals offer on-site supervision and engineering support to ensure the smooth execution of your projects. We monitor progress, ensure compliance with design specifications, and provide technical guidance throughout the construction process.
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External and Internal Roads and Parking

Our expertise extends to designing efficient and safe road networks, parking facilities, and transportation systems. We consider factors such as traffic flow, accessibility, and regulatory requirements to create functional and sustainable solutions.
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Stormwater Management Design

With a focus on environmental responsibility, we develop effective stormwater management systems. Our designs integrate drainage networks, retention ponds, and erosion control measures to mitigate flood risks and protect the environment.
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Project Management and Contract Documentation

We take pride in our comprehensive project management services that cover planning, scheduling, and coordination of resources. Our meticulous contract documentation ensures clarity, accountability, and successful project delivery.

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